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Core Values


We are built on a heritage as old as the west; pioneers who were strong and bold, with a vision as big as the Texas sky. Committed, determined, and blazing a trail for those who would follow; confident, excelling and setting the pace for those who would contend; challenging, solidifying and paving the way to the future for those who would lead. A bright light shining in the distance with a spirit of adventure, a standard of excellence, and a vision of greatness, we are Texas…


The center of focus is all we do: the foundation on which everything else is established, and the very essence and nature of our ministry. Where the Lord Jesus Christ is pre-eminent, traditional values are emphasized, and Godly character is molded…pointing in His direction…following in His path…doing things His way…it is because of Him that we are. And, above all else, we are Christian…


Where the standards are set, expectations are held, and goals are secured. Where our eyes are fixed, hopes are anchored, and from where every good and perfect gift descends. Where the Lord Jesus sits and directs the affairs of people and nations. Where, when the final trumpet will sound, we will rise – on High!


We are an independent, nondenominational, Christian educational institution. Trained, experienced, loving, Christian professionals with a zeal for teaching…a body of believers working together to train our children and prepare them for the future: in this life and beyond…a source of higher learning, we are a School.