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Our History

The idea of Texas Christian School began in 1986 with a vision of greatness and a thought of developing a Christian school district in Houston. The idea was put into motion and by 1988 TCS incorporated under the Texas Christian Educational Foundation, Inc. The next step was to locate a growing area, which needed and would support a central Christian Jr./Sr. High School. After much research, many surveys, and a feasibility study, the Bear Creek, Copperfield area proved to be an ideal location for such a venture.

TCS was able to negotiate a lease with a church in the area to host the school and began the operation from that location. Curriculum was acquired, notices of public meetings were published through the neighborhood newspapers, flyers were distributed, and radio stations announced the opening of a new Christian school in the area. Interested families and potential staff members were invited to the public meetings to inquire about the program that TCS had to offer. Students were registered, a quality staff was assembled and history was made. TCS opened in the fall of 1990 with an incredible first time enrollment of 75 students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Texas Christian School was established as a college preparatory school with an advanced curriculum that would challenge eager minds, based on character development programs that would nurture the individual. TCS trains young people not only academically, but also in character traits which prepares them as leaders in the work force with values that will enable them to be an asset to their employer, the community, state and nation.