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Why Texas Christian School?

Because we wanted more than a room full of kids for my 4 yr. old to "hang out" in all day. We wanted a warm and caring environment where she can learn and grow. TCS has given us that and so much more! We could not be happier with our decision to be part of the TCS family.


The classes are smaller which allows for more individual attention given to the students during lessons and the closed room concept allows the kids to stay focused on their class activities and not the distractions of the surrounding class’s noise. It's a close and personal environment and the kids are not just another name on a roll call sheet passing along aimlessly between several different teachers and over crowded classes. There is also a moral standard expected from the students and families which helps to cut down on typical bad influences they might find at other schools. The small school environment allows for a family like atmosphere which benefits the kids and teachers when it comes to conflict issues between students since the teachers have an understanding of each kid’s personality and how to best solve that conflict peacefully. I am proud to have my kids at this school and hope to have them both graduate from here since they have benefited and achieved, both in academics and behavior, so much more since coming here.


I am back!!! After graduating from Texas Christian School 11 years ago, playing sports in college, and graduating Cum Laude from Texas State; I am thrilled to have my son attending TCS. Not only will he get the education he needs to fulfill his dreams but he will most importantly be learning about the Lord and how to live for Him. Thank you TCS for the many years and many more to come!!!


We put our children in private school because public school was wearing us out. Four hours of homework each day and all weekend. No time for anything because there was always homework. We also liked the Christian environment away from the heavy peer pressure we found at public school. And with tuition being so reasonable, we knew Texas Christian was the right choice for us.

—Mr. and Mrs. Spachek

After moving here from another state and not knowing anyone here, we attended Cypress-Fairbanks school district for almost two years. But our child needed individualized education focused on his needs not the needs of the group. At Texas Christian we found his needs were met and we also gained a new family. Whether you want a Christian education, better opportunities, or many other offerings for your student, I hope everyone in Houston takes the time to tour our campus and join us in changing lives. The school offers many opportunities for parental involvement and encourages family participation. Our experiences at Texas Christian have been very positive and I welcome other families to become part of the TC family.

We have been at TCS for Eleven years and are extremely happy about the success we have seen in our four children. Not only have they academically grown, but more importantly, they have grown in character. We believe the big difference comes from the fact that our children view God's involvement in their life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not just a few hours on Sundays. Therefore, as we watch our children grow and make Godly decisions, we see the difference Texas Christian has made in their lives. We can even see the difference between them and the other children

Our son has been attending Texas Christian School since 1st grade and will be graduating in 2012. We enrolled at TCS because we wanted our child to have a Christian education and TCS was close to home and very affordable. He has been so happy over the years that I never considered sending him anywhere else. The staff is friendly and always available to answer any questions or concerns.


Twelve years ago we took a leap of faith, enrolling our kids at Texas Christian and trusting in God to provide the finances needed. We believed then that a Christ-centered education was the best foundation for them. As the years pass, God shows us in many ways how Texas Christian has influenced our children, guiding and leading them to fulfill God's purposes for their lives. They are self-confident, strong in their faith, excelling academically (compared to public school students as SAT results show), and growing closer to God as their teachers gently guide them and help mold their character. God has never ceased to be faithful in providing the finances we need to keep them at Texas Christian. Soon our oldest child will graduate from Texas Christian. I am fully confident that he will be ready to face the world, standing on the firm foundation of Christ built at Texas Christian.

Is it worth it?" This was a question that went through my mind more than once during the eleven years our children were at Texas Christian School. Now that they have graduated and gone on to college, I can say without hesitation that it was worth it. Though our sons have all done extremely well academically in college, it is their spiritual growth and leadership that brings great joy for us. I'm thankful that we partnered with TCS in the training of our sons because they are young men who will impact their world for Christ.

Our family has been attending TCS for 4 years now and it has truly been a blessing from the Lord! My children enjoy the teachers and have made great friends. We really have the best private, Christian, education that my family can utilize without going into debt! Our plan, God willing is to have my children at TCS from K5-12th grade. Thanks Mr.P and all the wonderful staff.


Simply for the fact of having our daughters surrounded by loving Christian teachers and staff gives us a peace of mind. They wake up excited to go to school every day. It is amazing to watch them grow daily. We are truly blessed to be a part of TCS.


This is our 13th year at Texas Christian School. We love the school because of the character we see in the teachers, staff and most of all the children. They invest in our children at a young age and we can recognize it in the attitudes and character of the youth. The opportunities for these children are unlimited. They have great programs from academics to athletics. I consider Texas Christian School part of our family.


We came to TCS on the recommendation of our neighbors. We stayed at TCS because of the warm, loving educational environment it affords our daughter. From the administration to the teachers to the volunteers, I've never seen such a wonderful group of people. God is at work in this school!


I am a single father of 3 children from kinder to middle school. When I first spoke with TCS staff, I was not sure I could make it work. The entire staff from top to bottom has helped me and my family in ways that are a blessing only given by God. This is our second year and I have seen my children loved, coached, taught, and blessed in ways that I could have never imagined. The Christian environment and family atmosphere at TCS is more than I could have asked for. God has truly blessed us with His love through TCS. I can never give enough thanks and praise to Him for the blessings of TCS to my family.  -Chris