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ACT & SAT Testing


Texas Christian School believes in educating God’s children irrespective of their academic strengths and weaknesses. TCS accepts students who are supported by loving, Christian parents or guardians. Students do well at TCS who have a desire to learn, not only academics but also about their Savior, in a Christian environment. TCS does not accept students based on academic strengths but academic effort and willingness to work hard and strive to do their very best for the Lord in all areas of their life.

Students who struggle academically are given support where needed, to encourage success through tutoring, accommodations and modifications. Students who are on level with learning are challenged and encouraged to continue improving in the overall concepts of each subject. Students who are above level are challenged academically by Honor Classes, advanced classes and College Dual Credit courses to push their success to the next level. Our schedule in high school requires our Juniors to take an SAT Prep class giving them preparation and practice for taking the national test.

Students at TCS who struggle academically typically score a 16-20 on their ACT and 1170 on their SAT. Student who are on level typically score a 20-24 on their ACT and a 1770-1960 on their SAT. Students who are above level typically score a 24-28 on their ACT and a 2080 on their SAT.

Although we understand the importance of testing and scores, Texas Christian School pushes each student according to their potential and encourages students to strive to be the very best they can be for Christ.