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International FAQ

What is the International Application process?
First, download the International Student Application. Next, complete and send in to TCS by mail, email, or fax 281-550-2400. Please include: completed I-20 application, translated transcripts, a copy of the first page of the passport, copy of the visa and the application fee of $1500.00.  We accept credit card, check, cash, money order.

Does Texas Christian School offer E.S.L.?
Yes, we offer an E.S.L. as a required course for our International students which focuses on reading comprehension, speaking skills, writing and vocabulary. We also offer tutorials for other specific courses student may need help in, such as Math, Science, or History.

Is Texas Christian School just a language school?
No, TCS is a college prep Christian high school in the state of Texas.  We offer our students the very best in academics, athletics, and spiritual life.

Are English proficiency tests required for admittance, such as TOEFL and SLEP?
No, we do not require TOEFL or SLEP tests. We gladly accept SLEP test results if they are available. An English-proficiency test will be administered upon the student’s arrival to TCS.

How long does it take to process an application and receive an I-20?
Once an International Student Application is received, it is reviewed by the International Admissions Committee and decided upon for admittance. The student or agency will then be notified of acceptance. The student or agency will be required to submit payment.  TCS will then send the I-20 and other admission documents by Priority Mail, which generally takes 7 days to arrive.

What type of visa does Texas Christian School issue? Can I use a J1 visa at TCS?
TCS issues the I-20 for the F1 student visa, which is for multiple years. The J1 visa is a student exchange visa that is only good for one academic year, usually used by a standard public school. TCS does not issue J1 visas, and we do not get involved with trying to switch from a J1 to an F1 visa. We are strictly F1.

What percentage of students graduate and what percentage of students continue on to a university?
TCS proudly graduates 100% of our students, and sends 98% on to a university. Most all students receive some kind of scholarship.  In the past couple years students have receive the National Merit Scholarship, Fine arts scholarship, academic scholarship, and athletic scholarships ranging from $5000.00 all the way to FULL schooling with room and board.

Is an international student required to bring a laptop computer?
No, it is not required, but many of our students bring a laptop. TCS has an on-campus computer lab as do the boarding and home-stay.

Do you offer Home-Stay Program or Boarding?
Yes, we have families who are well qualified and intensely screened, who have opened their homes to host International students. Students may be the only students in a host home, or live in the Tiger Dorm.  TCS has homes for girls and homes for boys.  This is a unique experience, because the students will receive an American home environment as well as a dormitory experience. Space is limited; 15,000.00  home-stay fee is due in full before student moves in.  

Do Host Homes close seasonally?
Our families open their homes to students during the school year. Host Homes view our International students as family, not guests, during the school holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and spring break.  All travel plans must be arranged around the proper dates of the school calendar.

What are the airports in Houston, and is airport transportation available?
Houston has two major airports: IAH and HOU. Yes, TCS has transportation available.  Must coordinate flight times with the school office.

Does Texas Christian School accept transfer students?
Yes, we accept transfer students from American and International schools. We must receive a translated transcript in order to give credit for courses.

What religion is Texas Christian School affiliated with?
TCS is a Christian school. We welcome students of all faith backgrounds. Students at TCS are required to attend a Bible believing church each week.

What are the costs of the International program?
Please contact the TCS office at 281-550-6060 for information on tuition rates, fees and payment requirements or visit Tuition.

Do you offer any discounts to International students?
Please contact the TCS Office for current discounts. 281-550-6060

Does Texas Christian School work with International Education Agencies? Yes. Please contact the TCS office.  281-550-6060


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