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teacherreading1Texas Christian School was established as a college preparatory school with an advanced curriculum that would challenge eager minds, based on a character development program that would nurture the individual. TCS trains young people not only academically, but also in character traits which prepares them as leaders in the work force with values that will enable them to be an asset to their employer, the community, state and nation.

We are an independent, nondenominational, Christian educational institution. Trained, experienced, loving, Christian professionals with a zeal for teaching…a body of believers working together to train our children and prepare them for the future: in this life and beyond…a source of higher learning, we are a School.


Academic Competition

At TCS we encourage our students to compete in academic competitions beginning in 1st grade.  We offer spelling bee, speech meet, Math Olympics, choral festival, art competition, history fair, science fair, and writing competition.

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