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Hello Tigers!

Some of you may or may not know that one of Texas Christian’s Ministries is to help less fortunate students receive a Christian Education at TCS.  We have local and international students participating in this program.  Currently we have three students from Columbia and one from Africa participating in our international program.  One of the boys from Columbia is currently doing online classes but is wanting to come to Texas now to participate in school activities, classes, and sports.  He, however, has no place to live here which is why he cannot come right now.

These international students do not have money for food or any extras.  We have a donor covering three of the boys for this school year but cannot support a fourth student.  We are reaching out to see if any of our TCS families would be willing to house, feed, and care for an 11th grade boy for the remainder of the school year.  This would be from February – May.  On weekends he may go visit a friend that lives on the other side of Houston.

Next school year, our donor can no longer support the other three boys.  We are starting to collect funds now for their schooling and housing or trying to secure a home for the boys so we have a place for them to live next school year.

If you are willing to donate any amount to help a student receive a much needed education from Texas Christian, or if you would like to house a student for a year, please speak with Mrs. Soliz. Housing a student really is a neat experience.

You may speak with Mrs. Soliz about any details.  Thank you for considering helping a student who otherwise, would not be able to receive a United States Christian Education!


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