Summer Reading List

Summer is an ideal time to enjoy reading!  We urge you to promote reading in every way you can.  Here are some practical suggestions for nurturing a love of reading this summer.

1. Read aloud:  Find regular times each day to read aloud to your children.  Kids of all ages and reading abilities need and often enjoy being read to.  They benefit from it as they hear the rhythm of the language, learn correct pronunciation, and discuss words they can add to their vocabularies.  Reading aloud as a family is a great way to spend quality family time.  Consider reading together in the car, at a certain time each evening or even first thing in the morning.

2. Count on the classics: Books are called classics because they continue to engage readers generation after generation.  A copy of the ACSI reading list is attached to this letter in order to aid you in finding classic books to read aloud or to challenge your children to read this summer.

3. Make reading a family priority: Actions speak louder than words.  Take your children to the library once per week, make regular outings to a local bookstore, hunt for low-cost books at garage sales or second hand stores.  You can make it a treasure hunt to find that next great read!

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